How Covid-19 Has Changed The Cleaning Industry
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How Covid-19 Has Changed The Cleaning Industry

Covid-19 has put a massive strain on all industry sectors across the globe. Here in the UK we’ve had some very strict guidelines to follow. These have been further complicated during the various stages of the pandemic due to different levels of lockdown, depending where you are in the country. Add in frequent national changes to rules, coupled with businesses being forced to operate differently to usual, and the problems have been further compounded.

The team at Environmental Cleaning Services (ECS) have certainly been kept on our toes throughout the last 18 months or so. We thought it was important to be supportive of our clients during this difficult time. We made a commitment to remain flexible with our contracts, continuing to deliver the service our existing clients have come to expect.

We’re also proud to have been able to come to the rescue of some new clients too. Sadly, some businesses were left with no option but to look elsewhere, as their existing cleaning suppliers were failing to react effectively when necessary. ECS stepped up to the plate and as a result we’ve developed some strong new relationships.

Why Choose ECS As Your Cleaning Contractor?

Here are just a five of the many reasons organisations have chosen to move their cleaning contracts to us:

1. We have a “no-nonsense” approach to cleaning and stay at the forefront of cleaning standards. Regular cleans are completed with new regulated chemicals using a mix of disinfectants and cleaning agents.
2. The use of disinfectants in our cleaning products means clients can actually save money because they don’t have to buy separate disinfectant products.
3. Our operatives are fully compliant with Right to Work and also use the correct PPE. Our workforce is extensively trained in using the latest cleaning products and equipment.
4. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our cleaning contracts have remained flexible so we can accommodate our client’s exact needs. The new normal way of working is different for each business and it’s important our cleaning services reflect that.
5. With ECS you’re in the best hands possible. We’re friendly, honest and our entire team has a genuine commitment to work with you in a passionate, dedicated and professional way.

Examples Of Our Fully Committed Cleaning Service

Over the pandemic, around 50% of our client base have become NHS centres. These have been critical to fighting Covid. They needed to remain operating as usual throughout, even during times of lockdown.

ECS proudly supported them in doing so. We delivered our cleaning services and replaced normal chemicals with new regulated mix disinfectant cleaning solutions. Constant training and development was also provided to all our operatives.

From early reports of the growing problems, ECS increased stock levels of hand sanitiser, dispensers, face masks and disposable gloves. We distributed these products between our client’s sites to ensure that all parties had availability throughout the pandemic.

With the other 50% of our clients, we adapted to their requirements through each lockdown and reopening, using the government’s furlough scheme where necessary. We provided additional labour to those who needed to remain open and gave them a heightened level of cleaning service. By adapting our working patterns and creating ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams, ECS also did our bit in terms of reducing the risk of spread.

We attended sites within an hour of each positive Covid case being identified too. This ensured full deep hygiene cleans and electrostatic spraying treatments were carried out. Doing so allowed both our NHS clients and commercial customers to remain operational, whilst maintaining a Covid-19 secure workplace for all their staff.

Finally, we supported our employees to continue working, by supplying letters of proof of essential work. We also provided re-usable face masks for all employees. These could be worn on their journeys to and from work and within their workplace, to maximise safety.

We Now Use Trust ID To Ensure Our Operators Are Legally Compliant

In addition to the ongoing pandemic, there has also been another huge impact on the cleaning industry in the UK. Namely, Brexit. With some European talent heading back to the continent and stricter rules imposed on people being allowed to work in the UK, Right to Work compliance has become a very hot topic.

That’s why here at ECS we’ve taken the decision to add an extra layer of protection to our Right to Work compliance process. We now work with TrustID, which is an online ID authentication service. By using TrustID we significantly reduce the risk of offering employment to an illegal worker.

We get an image of a candidate’s identity document, which we take as part of our onboarding process, and upload it to TrustID’s secure online portal. This is where the magic happens. The TrustID software automatically assesses the document’s legitimacy. It checks for any irregularities, such as whether there are any time restrictions on the candidate’s Right to Work, or whether the document is flagged on a police watch-list.

Candidates can rest assured about how their data is being processed too. By using TrustID software, we’re able to store all our Right to Work documents on a centralised cloud server using encrypted communication. Total peace of mind for us, our workers and our clients.

In The Market For A Complete Cleaning Service Provider?

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