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Leading The Way
With Cleaning Innovation

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We have many different cleaning service offerings that can be secured either individually or as a service bundle, depending on your exact requirements.    

We’re an ambitious company that employs the most sophisticated contract management systems and the latest cleaning technology and innovations in the commercial cleaning services  industry.

ECS exists to provide ‘Fresh thinking in cleaning’: a reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning services. 

It’s our meticulous approach to cleaning services that sets us apart from our competitors. 

We’re here to make your commercial building clean and your life as easy as possible by providing the best London’s cleaning services.

Who Are We?

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Provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services and FM related services for commercial clients, property investors, facilities managers and property managers in London and the South East.

We are focusing on providing the very best in commercial cleaning services and FM services.

We do this through innovation, good recruitment and training, quality control, continuous improvement, and constantly listening to our customers’ needs.
We’re particularly proud of our recruitment, selection and training techniques.

We are committed to providing long-serving, capable, and well-balanced cleaning teams to deliver London’s best cleaning services.

Our staff feel good about themselves and their job. That means you get the very best cleaning service around.