About Environment Cleaning

Our people ARE our business!

ECS’s ethos has always been that our colleagues are as important as our customers, enabling us to be the best at what we do. Attitude, training, and support are all fundamental to ensuring our great team, with a “can do” attitude and pride in our work. ECS permanently imprint on the business the values of service quality, customer service and attention to detail. All our employees have the training and are ready to go the extra mile. We recruit, train and develop the best people at all levels of our business. We are an inclusive organisation that respects the diversity of our colleagues, partners and clients. Our people are crucial to our success. Our success is built on motivated individuals who have helped us develop a sustainable business model with a culture of operational service excellence.

Environment Cleaning Services


Being accredited, we set incredibly high standards, but we’re always looking at ways to improve.

Our client’s premises are monitored and managed to the highest standards, our operations are accountable, and performance is contained within a transparent client-focused organisation.
Proactive account management support is key to service excellence.


Our values define who
we are and how we do things

Since our beginning in 2014, our commitment to our customers, clients and colleagues has been demonstrable. We conduct ourselves in an OPEN and transparent way. If something is wrong, we are not afraid to say so and then see how we can improve and correct it.

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Colleagues, communities.

We build a positive relationship with our customers and colleagues, providing a great experience.

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Innovation, courage, pride.

We take pride in the quality of what we do, going the extra mile for our customers and colleagues.

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Belonging, inclusive.

We treat everyone as individuals, celebrating their differences and valuing their contributions.

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Honesty, transparency, integrity.

We have an honest, transparent, and trustworthy approach to everything we do.

Our team

Meet people behind
our company

Family values have always guided us; they create a shared, enduring, and positive environment for all stakeholders to thrive in.

They will always be the guiding principles at the heart of the ECS.

Our staff tell us what the values mean to us:

Adam Sendler


    Mila Kunis


      Mike Sendler


        Our staff tell us what the values mean to us:

        • We are collaborative, working better together
        • Managers manage, and Leaders lead confidently and with integrity
        • Being able to speak up about complex subjects
        • Not always taking the easy path
        • Authentic, caring, trusted, not judged
        • Inquisitive, learning from more comprehensive experiences
        • Play to strengths and bring the right people together


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